Day 5 – The cast comes off


Day 5 started slowly with household chores being done along with paperwork & banking which I was considerably behind on. I caught up quite quickly and was pleased to see that despite spending freely over the Christmas break we weren’t in too bad a shape.

Come midday it was time to take Katie to the hospital to have her cast taken off. Katie suffered a broken wrist before Christmas whilst in goal at a futsal (indoor soccer) game. It’s only taken 24 years of continual sport to have her first broken bone. Katie was looking forward to having the cast off.                                      Two hours later we finally got the all clear but the wrist was still quite sore and weak. I think Katie thought she was going to be straight back to normal and was disappointed it still hurt. My pictures today show the before and after cast removal. Onwards and upwards to restoring the wrist to its normal self.

We were starving by the time we left the hospital so once we returned home we had to eat. When we pulled up the driveway Andrew was there with the newly purchased second hand bike on the stand being cleaned and adjusted. He was proud of this acquisition and maintains it was the bargain of the century. Once he had done what he could with the bike he had to do a late delivery job with the help of Thomas.

Thomas was soccer training tonight so I decided that as Katie and I had eaten a late lunch I was not going to cook and suggested we go out to grab something which we did around 6.30pm.

On our return we all did seperate things, Katie watched another episode of the “Gilmour Girls” – she has watched almost every episode ever produced and can’t quite believe she was never exposed to the series from the onset. Andrew was trying to change the battery over in the road bikes computer and I took a call from my dad who is getting quite obsessed with his upcoming trip and the jobs he has to do whilst he is here in Australia.  Then……..after we watched The Heat thrash the Scorchers in the BBL we found time to watch the penultimate episode of The Tunnel, OMG, I was on the edge of my seat(well the floor actually), twists & turns we had to keep pausing it as it was getting quite complicated. I love it. Can’t wait for the conclusion. Hopefully we get the chance to see it tomorrow.

Night x


Day 4- House Attention

Cooler temperatures yah! I decide to spend some time at home doing odd jobs as I have been putting them off and blaming the weather. Decorations came down which always makes the family room look bigger and less cluttered, that makes me happy as I am not one that does clutter very well. I tidy the room and give the floor a good vacuum. Washing on before I tackle the kitchen. After breakfast of course which today consisted of a blueberry smoothie.

As I tend to cook a fair bit my pantry is always full of ingredients and I had noticed over the Christmas tiny mite type things in there so I had to investigate and of course discovered I had weavels. So, out came everything and I threw away so much flour based products. I do get these weavels from time to time I’m sure I can’t be the only one!! That chore took me longer than expected. I stopped for a cup of tea before I started on cleaning my kitchen then moved on to tidying up my study especially the computer desk.  All boring things but needed to be done.

Katie was still very quiet today. Hope she is OK. Andrew came home just after lunch today which was good and he and Katie went to pick up a second hand bike that they had bought. Bargain apparently! 

Thomas and I sneeked in some reading time whilst they were out which is where today’s photo comes in to play. It is the cover of the book I am reading. A sequel to the one I read last year. I find it hard to start books but once I do I really get into them and love the time to read. I am not a particularly fast reader but I enjoy it. Thomas who hardly ever reads has been engrossed in a book I bought him for Christmas which is the autobiography of the founder of Nike “Shoe boy”. Thomas loves his “shoes” with a passion and has a small collection of the most expensive training/sports/casual/running shoes. He finished the book this afternoon and loved it. Well done Thomas. Hopefully there were some parts of the book he took notes on.

Salmon was on the menu for tea which we ate at the same time as speaking to my father overseas. He is planning a trip back to Australia next month and was talking to us about that and what he’s plans are. I do miss him not being around as we were so close and I don’t really want that feeling to be lost.

Andrew and I managed to watch one more episode of The Tunnel this evening, it’s getting very complicated with so many characters. With 2 episodes to go I’m hoping it will all come together. It is very intriguing.

Signing off until tomorrow……..