Day 8 – Two wheels on the road

We saw the Ridley bike make an appearance on the roads this morning. Andrew managed after several failed attempts this last week to go for a ride. The old crew all went out this morning for a ride “normal loop”, whatever that means ! Approximately 12-15 of them. After the ride we all met up for coffee at Stellrossa Mango Hill including us non riders (mostly us wives). It was great to catch up with everyone. Our lives,which still seem as busy as the times we were running around after our kids do not allow us to see these friends as regularly as we should. I will make a concerted effort this year to do so – promise. A great catch up enjoyed by all I believe. Today’s picture shows Andrews bike racked after 80kms, Andrew enjoyed the ride and really wants to continue riding consistently if he can.

Boring ironing was next on the agenda- had to be done, not for long though. The usual household chores were achieved, small lunch before we took Katie to pick up her car as she had left it at her friends place. We travelled back to Petie by way of Samford chatting about the concern we have for Katie as she is definately not herself st the moment and this is a little worrying for us. 

This afternoon we had to go to my dads place to pick up a treadmill we are having. Spent a bit of time talking to my cousin Matt and his partner Alana about their trip to England. They seemed to have had a great time and made Andrew and I quite jealous.

As with most Sundays we had a family roast for tea. The boys plates were piled high with food with not a scrap left. I do make a mean roast dinner. We completed the weekly quiz and scraped getting the 20 out of 40 we needed to succeed each week. Not being born & bred in Australia Andrew and I struggle with some the Australian historical questions. We made it 20/40.


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