Day 7 – Shopping

Day 7 – The day started with “me”time. I booked in for a deluxe pedicure. I owe it to my feet after the many years of holding me upright on stage and in the studio. Always great satisfaction for me so thank you Kym.

On the way back I stopped into my fathers house which my cousin Matt is currently renting to catch up with him & Alana as Dad had said that there was a termite problem. No one was home so I carried on to the shops at North Lakes as I had some birthday shopping to do.

3 hours I spent at the shops trying to decide what to get Katie for her 25th birthday on Monday. I like to buy with thought so that they receive gifts they want or will enjoy. This birthday was hard as so close to Christmas there’s usually not many things on an outstanding list. Hopefully I have got a few things she will appreciate and like.

As it was well into the afternoon before I got home there was not much left to do except pick up some groceries and settle in to watch the final episode of “The Tunnel”. It was great and I enjoyed it very much it did however seem a bit rushed to finalise the story and tie up loose ends. Highly recommend this to crime watchers 4*.

Katie went out with friends for dinner and to party on the night in the city for her birthday. Andrew went to work on the papers as I drove to Redcliffe to watch Thomas play a friendly soccer game against Noosa. This is the significance of today’s picture “Peninsula Power” Thomas’s team. It felt strange watching on my own as I nearly always have Andrew with me who is quite the expert in analysing the game. My texts to him were very broad as I really can’t tell in soccer terms if Thomas is having a good, great or excellent game. I do know he scored a goal. Proud mum even if it was just a friendly.

First one home with time to reflect on the day.


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