Day 6 – Time with the kids 

Not a good nights sleep. My mind was so active I couldn’t stop it. I saw every hour on the clock, I eventually slept for a couple of hours until Andrew got up early for work. Of all the mornings I could of done with sleeping in it was the morning the cleaner comes in and we tend to go out to leave her the time to clean without interruptions. I decided to treat the kids to breakfast.

We went to Samford “The Flying Nun” Today’s picture is what I ordered, granola with panna cotta yogurt & fruit. Nice but a little dry. Katie had smashed avocado whilst Thomas indulged in pancakes with fruit & ice cream with a side of bacon!! It was nice to be together and talk whilst having a giggle at the children on the adjacent table.  We took a stroll along the High St after breakfast and agreed that we loved the village feel of Samford. We haven’t been for quite some time so it made a nice change.

We made our way back to North Lakes as Thomas wanted a haircut. Katie and I browsed the shops with me buying her a book for her birthday on Monday. A very thick book I may add.

The afternoon passed without much ado until that is Katie tells me she is going out to pick something up and comes home with a keyboard she had purchased. Why I hear you say? I’m still wondering that myself. She spent the rest of the afternoon learning tunes with the aid of her phone and headphones. As long as it doesn’t become a permanent feature that gets left out around the house I’ll be happy.

Beautiful piece of rump steak for tea which we thoroughly enjoyed with vegetables. Andrew went off to work, Katie to the gym while Thomas and I enjoyed flicking the tv from cricket, soccer and tennis.

I called it a night fairly early as I was shattered not having slept the night before. I retired to bed listening to the kids laughing over something that they thought was funny. A beautiful sound.


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