Day 3 – Just an ordinary day

Day 3 for me was just an ordinary day. A lot of people returned to work today including Andrew. This morning I made pancakes for breakfast and decided to use gluten free flour so that Katie could have one. I’m not sure if it was me or the flour but the consistency was very lumpy and I didn’t really enjoy the taste. Katie didn’t even have one so I could have used my normal wholemeal flour. Never mind, live & learn.

My picture today depicts what I was doing thus morning. I am a very well organised person and can’t live without a detailed diary. My father bought me a new Filofax for Christmas but much smaller than the one I presently have in order to try and condense all my information so I spent some of the morning transferring my information, that was, until a phone call from a dear friend caused me to stop and listen to an upset voice who clearly wanted someone to talk to and was happy that I was the one she chose to call. My friend is 10 years older than myself and struggling with the medication she is on causing increased weight gain. She is trying to get off the medication but it’s causing her so much angst and anxiety that she really is unhappy. Is it worth being this way or having the few extra kilos and being happy? We spoke about this for a while so she could vent her worries and concerns but she knew she had to pull herself together as it was her mothers 90th birthday. As best friends we do what we can. I texted her later in the day and she was better with appointments made for later in the week for professionals to guide her.

A trip to the bank took longer than expected as everyone I’m sure was headed to the shopping centre due to the rain and caused me 20 minutes of car park searching. I deposited some money into our holiday/saving fund and whilst this was great I was a little down as I do not know what I’m saving this money for. I love having a goal and striving towards it but at the moment we are very confused as to what that goal is.

This evenings meal was a slow cooked vegetable ratatouille. A clean meal but not one of my favourites. The family vibes were not great tonight. Thomas returned to soccer training so he wasn’t around and Katie for some reason was not herself. She took herself off out for a good few hours and returned for tea very quiet and kept herself to herself. Obviously there’s something going on but she’ll let us know or deal with it.

So today was a day where I felt a lot of emotion occurred. In my life and that of  many other woman this is normal. Today I was a wife, mother, best friend, listener, thinker &, worryer. Most days you get a combination of these emotions sometimes a lot more. We as women have to deal with them all as best we can. As today’s title suggests “just an ordinary day”!


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