Day 10-Back to Work

Didn’t want to get up. But I did!                    The drive to work was actually quite good. Got there in 45mins. 

It was good to see all my co workers although not everyone is back yet. I chatted for a while until I needed to get on with some constructive work. The down side to the start of the day was not having my phone as I forgot it. I got through the day OK but did find myself not focusing at times.

I was meant to go swimming after work but we have a predicament as Thomas has lost his car key and needed to borrow my car to go training. A bit disappointed as I had built myself up to go. Never mind another day. A very warm evening especially cooking tea.

Our evenings are non event at the moment but I did manage to read a chapter of my book before retiring.


Day 9- Happy Birthday Katie

Has it really been 25 years since this beautiful young lady entered our lives.? Perfect in every way, she never caused us any concerns and was an absolute pleasure to have around whilst growing up. Have a great day Katie ❤️

Of course when I got up to give her a birthday hug/kiss and gifts she was no where to be seen – she was at the gym!    She loved her gifts and was so appreciative. Thomas awoke to give his present to her which she loved – a pair of futsal shoes. Now she doesn’t have to borrow his.

The three of us decided to have brunch together (Andrew had to work) and Katie chose to go to “Ramikins” in Carseldine. We had a nice time just leisurely eating/drinking & talking.

The afternoon passed quietly with Katie receiving so many messages from home and overseas as soon as they were awake. Katie was quite happy to be at home pottering around with us and when Andrew came home from work we worked around the garden & pool.

This evening Katies choice to eat was the Thai restaurant @ North Lakes. We booked a table which was just as well as it was so busy for a Monday evening. Special family time – just the four of us.  We all enjoyed our meals and headed home not too late.

Katie & Thomas stayed up playing a geographical game on the computer as Andrew & I headed to bed. It’s back to work for me tomorrow (not looking forward to that) which means an early start.

Can’t believe my baby girl is 25.

Day 8 – Two wheels on the road

We saw the Ridley bike make an appearance on the roads this morning. Andrew managed after several failed attempts this last week to go for a ride. The old crew all went out this morning for a ride “normal loop”, whatever that means ! Approximately 12-15 of them. After the ride we all met up for coffee at Stellrossa Mango Hill including us non riders (mostly us wives). It was great to catch up with everyone. Our lives,which still seem as busy as the times we were running around after our kids do not allow us to see these friends as regularly as we should. I will make a concerted effort this year to do so – promise. A great catch up enjoyed by all I believe. Today’s picture shows Andrews bike racked after 80kms, Andrew enjoyed the ride and really wants to continue riding consistently if he can.

Boring ironing was next on the agenda- had to be done, not for long though. The usual household chores were achieved, small lunch before we took Katie to pick up her car as she had left it at her friends place. We travelled back to Petie by way of Samford chatting about the concern we have for Katie as she is definately not herself st the moment and this is a little worrying for us. 

This afternoon we had to go to my dads place to pick up a treadmill we are having. Spent a bit of time talking to my cousin Matt and his partner Alana about their trip to England. They seemed to have had a great time and made Andrew and I quite jealous.

As with most Sundays we had a family roast for tea. The boys plates were piled high with food with not a scrap left. I do make a mean roast dinner. We completed the weekly quiz and scraped getting the 20 out of 40 we needed to succeed each week. Not being born & bred in Australia Andrew and I struggle with some the Australian historical questions. We made it 20/40.

Day 7 – Shopping

Day 7 – The day started with “me”time. I booked in for a deluxe pedicure. I owe it to my feet after the many years of holding me upright on stage and in the studio. Always great satisfaction for me so thank you Kym.

On the way back I stopped into my fathers house which my cousin Matt is currently renting to catch up with him & Alana as Dad had said that there was a termite problem. No one was home so I carried on to the shops at North Lakes as I had some birthday shopping to do.

3 hours I spent at the shops trying to decide what to get Katie for her 25th birthday on Monday. I like to buy with thought so that they receive gifts they want or will enjoy. This birthday was hard as so close to Christmas there’s usually not many things on an outstanding list. Hopefully I have got a few things she will appreciate and like.

As it was well into the afternoon before I got home there was not much left to do except pick up some groceries and settle in to watch the final episode of “The Tunnel”. It was great and I enjoyed it very much it did however seem a bit rushed to finalise the story and tie up loose ends. Highly recommend this to crime watchers 4*.

Katie went out with friends for dinner and to party on the night in the city for her birthday. Andrew went to work on the papers as I drove to Redcliffe to watch Thomas play a friendly soccer game against Noosa. This is the significance of today’s picture “Peninsula Power” Thomas’s team. It felt strange watching on my own as I nearly always have Andrew with me who is quite the expert in analysing the game. My texts to him were very broad as I really can’t tell in soccer terms if Thomas is having a good, great or excellent game. I do know he scored a goal. Proud mum even if it was just a friendly.

First one home with time to reflect on the day.

 Day 6 – Time with the kids 

Not a good nights sleep. My mind was so active I couldn’t stop it. I saw every hour on the clock, I eventually slept for a couple of hours until Andrew got up early for work. Of all the mornings I could of done with sleeping in it was the morning the cleaner comes in and we tend to go out to leave her the time to clean without interruptions. I decided to treat the kids to breakfast.

We went to Samford “The Flying Nun” Today’s picture is what I ordered, granola with panna cotta yogurt & fruit. Nice but a little dry. Katie had smashed avocado whilst Thomas indulged in pancakes with fruit & ice cream with a side of bacon!! It was nice to be together and talk whilst having a giggle at the children on the adjacent table.  We took a stroll along the High St after breakfast and agreed that we loved the village feel of Samford. We haven’t been for quite some time so it made a nice change.

We made our way back to North Lakes as Thomas wanted a haircut. Katie and I browsed the shops with me buying her a book for her birthday on Monday. A very thick book I may add.

The afternoon passed without much ado until that is Katie tells me she is going out to pick something up and comes home with a keyboard she had purchased. Why I hear you say? I’m still wondering that myself. She spent the rest of the afternoon learning tunes with the aid of her phone and headphones. As long as it doesn’t become a permanent feature that gets left out around the house I’ll be happy.

Beautiful piece of rump steak for tea which we thoroughly enjoyed with vegetables. Andrew went off to work, Katie to the gym while Thomas and I enjoyed flicking the tv from cricket, soccer and tennis.

I called it a night fairly early as I was shattered not having slept the night before. I retired to bed listening to the kids laughing over something that they thought was funny. A beautiful sound.

Day 5 – The cast comes off


Day 5 started slowly with household chores being done along with paperwork & banking which I was considerably behind on. I caught up quite quickly and was pleased to see that despite spending freely over the Christmas break we weren’t in too bad a shape.

Come midday it was time to take Katie to the hospital to have her cast taken off. Katie suffered a broken wrist before Christmas whilst in goal at a futsal (indoor soccer) game. It’s only taken 24 years of continual sport to have her first broken bone. Katie was looking forward to having the cast off.                                      Two hours later we finally got the all clear but the wrist was still quite sore and weak. I think Katie thought she was going to be straight back to normal and was disappointed it still hurt. My pictures today show the before and after cast removal. Onwards and upwards to restoring the wrist to its normal self.

We were starving by the time we left the hospital so once we returned home we had to eat. When we pulled up the driveway Andrew was there with the newly purchased second hand bike on the stand being cleaned and adjusted. He was proud of this acquisition and maintains it was the bargain of the century. Once he had done what he could with the bike he had to do a late delivery job with the help of Thomas.

Thomas was soccer training tonight so I decided that as Katie and I had eaten a late lunch I was not going to cook and suggested we go out to grab something which we did around 6.30pm.

On our return we all did seperate things, Katie watched another episode of the “Gilmour Girls” – she has watched almost every episode ever produced and can’t quite believe she was never exposed to the series from the onset. Andrew was trying to change the battery over in the road bikes computer and I took a call from my dad who is getting quite obsessed with his upcoming trip and the jobs he has to do whilst he is here in Australia.  Then……..after we watched The Heat thrash the Scorchers in the BBL we found time to watch the penultimate episode of The Tunnel, OMG, I was on the edge of my seat(well the floor actually), twists & turns we had to keep pausing it as it was getting quite complicated. I love it. Can’t wait for the conclusion. Hopefully we get the chance to see it tomorrow.

Night x

Day 3 – Just an ordinary day

Day 3 for me was just an ordinary day. A lot of people returned to work today including Andrew. This morning I made pancakes for breakfast and decided to use gluten free flour so that Katie could have one. I’m not sure if it was me or the flour but the consistency was very lumpy and I didn’t really enjoy the taste. Katie didn’t even have one so I could have used my normal wholemeal flour. Never mind, live & learn.

My picture today depicts what I was doing thus morning. I am a very well organised person and can’t live without a detailed diary. My father bought me a new Filofax for Christmas but much smaller than the one I presently have in order to try and condense all my information so I spent some of the morning transferring my information, that was, until a phone call from a dear friend caused me to stop and listen to an upset voice who clearly wanted someone to talk to and was happy that I was the one she chose to call. My friend is 10 years older than myself and struggling with the medication she is on causing increased weight gain. She is trying to get off the medication but it’s causing her so much angst and anxiety that she really is unhappy. Is it worth being this way or having the few extra kilos and being happy? We spoke about this for a while so she could vent her worries and concerns but she knew she had to pull herself together as it was her mothers 90th birthday. As best friends we do what we can. I texted her later in the day and she was better with appointments made for later in the week for professionals to guide her.

A trip to the bank took longer than expected as everyone I’m sure was headed to the shopping centre due to the rain and caused me 20 minutes of car park searching. I deposited some money into our holiday/saving fund and whilst this was great I was a little down as I do not know what I’m saving this money for. I love having a goal and striving towards it but at the moment we are very confused as to what that goal is.

This evenings meal was a slow cooked vegetable ratatouille. A clean meal but not one of my favourites. The family vibes were not great tonight. Thomas returned to soccer training so he wasn’t around and Katie for some reason was not herself. She took herself off out for a good few hours and returned for tea very quiet and kept herself to herself. Obviously there’s something going on but she’ll let us know or deal with it.

So today was a day where I felt a lot of emotion occurred. In my life and that of  many other woman this is normal. Today I was a wife, mother, best friend, listener, thinker &, worryer. Most days you get a combination of these emotions sometimes a lot more. We as women have to deal with them all as best we can. As today’s title suggests “just an ordinary day”!